Spinning Babies® Parent Class


Prepare your body for birth and help baby come through the pelvis with Spinning Babies movement and hands-on partner activities. Starting in pregnancy, you can bring your body into balanced alignment for more comfort now and for an easier birth. The three hour Spinning Babies® Parent Class teaches families the essential movements for your coming birth.

What to do When for every stage of the birth.

  • You & your partner will learn activities to open your pelvis:
    • when baby is high
    • when baby is in the middle
    • when baby is low

Couples class. Registration includes two people. Bring your partner or your birth support person.


Reasons families take Spinning Babies Parent Class:

  • You want a natural, physiologic birth.
  • You feel discomfort anywhere in belly, hips, bottom, groin, legs or back.
  • Dad/partner wants to know how to help you now and at birth
  • You want to improve your alignment now for an easier & shorter birth.
  • You plan a vaginal birth after C-section

Pain in pregnancy is a sign that your body is out of alignment. Now you can do something about it, which will make your birth shorter and easier.

IF: after doing Spinning Babies activities for one week,

  • You still experience prenatal discomfort OR
  • Your baby is in a difficult presenting position after 32 weeks

THEN: arrange myofascial therapy to make more room for baby.

The Spinning Babies Parent Class is for families only or for a pregnant woman and her support person. Doulas and birth professionals can find professional training at www.Spinning Babies.com.

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Sun, December 16, 2018

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