Stretching our hearts         It’s such a big stretch, to grow our hearts as we breathe the shattering truth of a dear one’s life ending. Each of our lives are permeated with spirit, and we each return to the  infinite mystery of spirit at the end of our lives. But our minds can’t wrap around the infinite. Because we constellate our sense of self in this body-mind, the death of a dear one shatters our perception of the world. We can only hold our dear hearts in the most gentle cradle, and let our breath flow through the dense weight of sorrow. Over time, our hearts embrace a greater knowing of spirit and grow more spacious.

As you are in your journey of grieving, I can help with hands-on bodywork and compassionate witnessing. During times of loss, the heart-breaking intensity of our experience may overwhelm our nervous system. Then we may put the experience on hold in our body until we have sufficient support to be able to heal in our lives. I can help you honor the unique, personal and intimate experience of your healing journey.

In finding your way through grief, often a series of sessions is very helpful. At times we rely on a lifeline; and knowing that a session is coming up can help us through difficult days. Perhaps you have a sense of how often you would like to get together. Discounts for prepaid packages of sessions are available.

May the blessings of heart wisdom sustain you. May you ever dwell in the blessed homes of your heart, in calmness, loving-kindness, joy and compassion. May you benefit from the practices that cultivate these divine abodes of your heart.

Somatic therapies

With somatic bodywork therapy, Hakomi emotional processing, mindfulness and heart sustaining practices, I can provide essential supports for finding your way through grief, and for finding the affirmation of life loving life.

What to expect in a session