Life changes & well-being

Women’s lives are marked continuously by major transitions in every aspect of our lives. Our ever changing relationships and roles in the world are echoed throughout our bodies and minds.

Cultivate joy

We can laugh at our delightful and goofy selves.  

We can appreciate the unending streams of giving and receiving that support us in interdependence.  

We can share gratitude to nourish our hearts in joy.   

How can we move through difficult transitions in our life, be authentic to ourselves and find new ways to be and act? You can connect deeply to your own inner voice and direction with support of resonant touch, movement, and mindfulness practices.

Find fluidity in change

Whether big changes are taking place around you or within you, gentle touch therapies can help you adapt with flexibility to life just as it is.

I can help you connect within yourself to go through career and family changes, decisions about directions in life and work, and provide grounding for upheavals around you. I can help you steer through menstrual cycles, menopause and aging. I provide healing support for loss or trauma in any part of your life.

Somatic therapies

You can design private sessions for yourself based on your personal goals. Sessions may include restful craniosacral therapy, active movement therapy, touch, sounding, body-based imagery or finding release around physical or emotional challenges with Hakomi and mindfulness. You may wish to develop mindfulness in movement and learn practices to nourish your heart-mind.

What to expect in a session



Weather systems

Emotions pass through us like weather systems, sometimes hot and stormy, sometimes numbing cold fronts.   Beneath the shifting states, the heart  is fundamentally open , dwelling in the natural home of kindness, calmness, compassion and joy.

Heart gaze sq



Headache gone for good

The first time I visited Cat for craniosacral, I had had an ongoing headache that lasted about a month.  It was gone after the first visit, but returned a week later. After seeing her for the second time it was gone for good.

I continued to see Cat because I found craniosacral to be very powerful form of healing for me.  She spent time in areas that needed attention, and I would leave feeling changed and for the better.

I love Cat and utilized her skills for all the internal mind body healing I was needing, she is one of the rare practitioners that I will return to as long as she is in practice no matter where I am.      – Kierce

Blue sky mind

Last year was a watershed year for me in many ways. In late July I underwent outpatient surgery on my knee. I received a general anesthetic for the first time ever.

I am 72 year old and almost exclusively use herbs and homeopathy … I have never taken “meds” on a regular basis.

Sagebrush sml

The procedure went well and it all seemed simple until I realized that I could not get back in my body, not in a way I could rely on. My focus was poor; I was making poor decisions; I was easily slightly irrational; and felt no pain for a really long time after.

In September I went to a massage therapist who said that she felt that the crown of my head was out of kilter and so she recommended craniosacral. I did this with Catherine; three sessions.

The first session was magic. I don’t know what she did – her touch was so light – but it was magical.  Afterwards I felt like a human being again.  I felt better than I had for 10 months.I did 2 more sessions, each about 2 weeks apart, to solidify the condition. In our second session, I had the feeling and image of my head being open to the sky.  I felt as if clouds over my head opened to blue sky.

I can definitely say that for post-surgery recovery from disorientation Catherine has a great deal to offer.
– Margaret

I didn’t have my legs under me

I have had sinus headaches and back pain for years. I had never been able to find a peaceful state after five years of meditation.  After our first craniosacral session I had an amazing week, then all the stress and claustrophobia came rushing back.

In our next sessions, images came rolling in. I realized that I felt disconnected from the earth. I felt I didn’t have my legs under me. I realized how much my husband was undermining me, like my efforts to prepare healthy food for our family. I felt how I was on guard for the kids whenever he was around. In session I had image of myself as a malnourished mother and baby, all at the same time.

Glaciar Natl Park -st marys lake - Ken Thomas
After a few sessions of craniosacral therapy and replaying my birth journey through movement, I felt a huge shift in many parts of my life. I felt awake and calm. So much anxiety was relieved; I wasn’t afraid in this feeling of flow. My head felt open and still. Headaches were gone and my back felt good! With my mind and body working for me, I packed up my kids and moved back West to be near my folks, where I could start life over for my family. – A