Spinning Babies® Parent Class

What is Spinning Babies®?

When a mother can create space in her pelvis, then baby rotates down and out. Since the pelvis is a wonderful shape, baby will slowly spin as he comes through.  Mama’s job is to open, baby’s job is to spin down.  We can help mothers and babies do that with more ease.

During COVID quarantine, all Spinning Babies® parent classes are online private classes. 

Create an open passage for baby

A woman can prepare her body for birth and help baby come through the pelvis with Spinning Babies movement and hands-on partner activities. Start now in pregnancy: You can bring your body into balanced alignment for easier birth. The Spinning Babies Parent Class teaches parents the essential movements for your coming birth in a three hour session. Mothers and partners will know what to do, when and why.

Couples are encouraged to attend early in your pregnancy, but families are welcome at any time prenatally.

Why families attend the Spinning Babies® Parent Class

  • You envision an active natural, physiologic birth.
  • You feel discomfort or pain anywhere in hips, belly, bottom, groin legs or back.
  • Dad/partner wants to know how to help you now and at birth
  • You want to improve your alignment now for an easier & shorter birth.
  • If your baby is in a difficult presenting position after 32 weeks.
  • If you had a prior difficult birth or a C-section due to prolonged labor or difficult position of baby.
  • Families planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section).

Breech success story

After feeling very uncomfortable during the start of my third trimester of my second pregnancy, we found out around week 32 that indeed our baby was breech. I worked with my doula and Catherine Burns, practicing the Spinning Babies essential moves and adding in a few myofascial release sessions. It did the trick! At a 37-week ultrasound the baby had “spun” and was exactly where he needed to be! I was able to have the natural birth experience I wanted and he was in the perfect position. – Lindsay, Minneapolis (and baby bear above)

Pain in pregnancy is a sign that your body is out of alignment. Now you can do something about it, which will make your birth shorter and easier.


During COVID quarantine, most Spinning Babies® parent classes are offered as online private classes. 

Spinning Babies® Parent class 

Spinning Babies activities provide you with the movements, positions and hands-on activities to increase the likelihood of a shorter, easier birth. Mothers and partners feel assured that you have done all the known moves to help baby come through with greatest ease.  An affordable group class with feedback on how you & partner are doing movements well.

In the three hour workshop for a woman/birthing person and partner you will learn:

  • Movement & partner activities to relieve discomforts of pregnancy
  • Alignment preparation for birth
  • What to do When for every stage of the birth.
  • You & your partner will learn activities for each level
    • when baby is high in the pelvis
    • when baby is in the middle
    • when baby is low
  • If three or more couples sign up for a group class, an online group class will be offered on the following dates. Encourage your friends to sign up for an affordable class for all of you:

    • Sunday, Aug 16 from 2-5pm
    • Sunday, Nov 8 from 2-5pm
    • Sunday, Jan 17 from 2-5pm

Spinning Babies® Parent private online class

Arrange a private session for yourself and your partner to address your personal concerns, on your own schedule. The three hour session incorporates the Spinning Babies Parent class with personalized support.

    • You have a busy life & baby is coming soon
    • You want a class with doula insight tailored to your concerns
    • All the woman’s & partner activities for prenatal comfort and What to Do When at birth, as in the group class above.

During COVID quarantine, most Spinning Babies® parent classes are offered as online private classes. 

Private online class includes:

    • Initial orientation for you & your partner to Spinning Babies materials in online video chat
    • Access to video Spinning Babies Parent Class – 3 hrs of video
    • Personalized online video coaching session for specific activities and concerns


Spinning Babies® Parent class & Myofascial therapy session – discounted package 

Combine your group class with hands-on bodywork specialized for childbearing women. Catherine is a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner of myofascial therapy for childbearing women. Discount available only when purchased in advance as a combined bundle.

  • Spinning Babies® Parent Class
  • All the woman’s & partner activities for prenatal comfort and What to Do When at birth, as in the group class above.
  • Somatic myofascial therapy bodywork 
    • Recommended by Spinning Babies® when:
      • Woman/pregnant person feels persistent discomfort or pain
      • Baby is presenting in a difficult position
      • Arrange private sessions

Somatic myofascial therapy bodywork – Discounted package of 3 sessions

Somatic myofascial therapy bodywork

    – Single session


Upcoming Spinning Babies Parent classes

During COVID quarantine, all classes are online private session classes.

Three hour class for couples.
Class size limited. Register at links above.

Class currently meets at 2228 Seabury Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55406. New location coming soon!
Questions? Contact Catherine

The Spinning Babies® Parent Class is for families only or for a birthing woman and her support person. Doulas and birth professionals can find professional training at www.Spinning Babies.com.

Why take this class with Catherine? Catherine’s experience & unique qualifications for helping families prepare for birth.