Postpartum & mothering

Mothering the mother

Mama J receives craniosacral and myofascial toning to bring her back into balance immediately following her birth.

When breastfeeding was uncomfortable, baby Rae basked in a session at home.



Birth and mothering are profound life changes for women. You can meet the physical and emotional challenges of childrearing and postpartum recovery with gentle support of craniosacral and somatic therapies. After the baby is born, you can recuperate and find help for nursing and parenting.

Whether you are a first time mom, have older children or are blending families, your family newly forms with the arrival of this baby. All this you hold dear as a mother, as you hold everyone in good relationship. Sometimes you may feel that your heart is stretched too thin. I can help you renew the wellspring, in mothering the mother.

Recover from birth

You had nine months to gradually grow your baby. Now suddenly you have landed in a completely different hormonal cycle with new aches and pains of birth, breastfeeding and holding your baby. I can help your body come back into alignment; relieving discomfort, helping to tone soft tissue for sore bellies and bottoms, and balancing your endocrine system. If you have experienced a difficult birth or trauma, I can provide somatic body-mind therapies with Hakomi emotional processing.


Establish breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a partnership between mother and baby. Many problems with breast pain and milk supply can be traced back to the intensity of birth and its impacts on the baby. As a certified lactation counselor I can help you evaluate the source of any pain and problems. I combine counseling with gentle, effective craniosacral therapy for you and baby to successfully breastfeed. Together you and your baby can create a satisfying and nourishing breastfeeding relationship.

Adapt to mothering

Baby blues, while normal in the first six weeks after giving birth, can be relieved with good support for you and your baby. Ask your family and friends to take care of all the cooking, cleaning, shopping and laundry while you and your baby establish breastfeeding and sleep rhythms. Give yourself time to adjust to your new life together as a mother and a newly configured family.

When depression or anxiety persist, and you need more support, I can help with emotional and hormonal rebalancing. If your baby cries persistently or is very difficult to console, many mothers feel deeply discouraged. Get help for both of you. You may have experienced loss or overwhelming difficulties. Sometimes you may find yourself grieving the loss or changes from being an independent or professional woman. People may be telling you to get over it. You do not have to do this alone. I can help with these big changes in your life.

If you are are having violent thoughts or are afraid that you may harm yourself or your baby, call 612-379-6363. Free call-in sessions are available weekly for mothers and fathers through Postpartum Support International. For in-person access to resources, call the Minnesota PPSI warm-line at 612-787-7776.

Somatic therapies

You can design private sessions for yourself based on your personal goals. Sessions may include restful craniosacral therapy, movement, touch, sounding, body-based imagery or finding release around physical or emotional challenges. Articles and video can provide you with helpful practices for your baby and insight into child development.


Sample sessions for new mothers

  • Craniosacral therapy for unwinding and reconnecting tissues
  • Deep relaxation and healing to reconnect with yourself
  • Find balance in mothering your baby & in self care
  • Recuperate from pregnancy & birth
  • Yoga & toning to strengthen & re-energize
  • Resolve emotional challenges of birth trauma or post-partum period



Essential wellness for mother and child

Body-mind integration from the beginning