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Did you know that birth plans are rarely followed?

All families want the best care for mom and baby.  How do you get that? Some of you are worried that your wishes and decisions will not be respected when you actually go into labor.  This workshop is the missing link for every family facing birth. The resources you gain in the Savvy Birth workshop will enable you to get the best for mother and baby, all based on research from Evidence Based Birth®.

This workshop on evidence based care helps couples make big decisions together.  You and your partner can combine best practices based on medical science along with your personal values.

You are invited to the Savvy Birth workshop for expecting parents and doulas. In this workshop, you will learn the Six Essential Steps of HOW to get evidence based care during your birth.

  • We will talk all about evidence based care—what it is, what it isn’t, and how to talk with your provider about it.
  • You will learn how to make sure your birth setting and provider will be supportive of your wishes.
  • You will understand why and how to educate yourself and to gather your support team.
  • After this workshop you will know the legal rights of women giving birth.  This is information every expectant parent absolutely must know, period.

The workshop is a small, interactive class with plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions, lasting 3:00 hours.  A pregnant woman and her birth partner are strongly encouraged to attend together. The Savvy Birth workshop does not replace childbirth education classes.

Your birth, your choice

You envision your birth.  Now, how to make it happen? Want more on how to make your birth your own? Sign up to receive a free Evidence Based Birth® handout. Choose one of these parent handouts from Rebecca Dekker, RN researcher and to receive Evidence Based Birth® biweekly blog posts. 

  • Reduce your risk of infection by half (or more) with one evidence based choice
  • Five myths of birth debunked

Savvy Birth workshop content

will be incorporated in coming Somatic Birth childbirth education classes!


More about your instructor, Catherine Burns
Catherine is a Certified Doula (CD)DONA, and has done advanced training with HypnoBabies, Spinning Babies and in hands-on bodywork for mother and babies.  Catherine supports breastfeeding as a Certified Lactation Counselor and Craniosacral Therapist.  As a doula she helps a woman to actively participate in birth with her baby through movement, mindfulness and informed health choices.

Catherine is a somatic movement therapist, providing integrative body-mind support to childbearing women, breastfeeding newborns and young children.  Prenatally she provides bodywork to help women and babies align for easier birth and postpartum to recuperate from its intensity. As a somatic practitioner Catherine offer movement awareness and mindfulness practices, including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Her mission in MamaBebe is to help a woman to deeply access her intuition and her own intelligence in birth and while caring for herself and her baby.  Self-knowledge along with access to evidence based care empowers a woman to make informed health choices for optimal well-being of herself and her baby.

Besides providing somatic movement therapy and doula services, Catherine has led somatic prenatal classes and mother-baby groups. She is a Registered Trainer with the Minnesota Center for Professional Development.  Find full credentials here.

More about Evidence Based Birth® and Rebecca Dekker, PhD  the nurse researcher who created this workshop.

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Better care for mothers and babies in birth