Instead of being in the dark, we were calm & inspired

Cat was the most professional person we met along our birth journey, and once we met her at a Childbirth Collective event, we knew immediately that she was the one.  Let us explain.

We hired Cat to be our Doula during Erin’s Spring 2015 pregnancy. To us preparing for childbirth meant education.  We are both consulting scientists in our profession, and we were immediately drawn to Cat’s approach.  It was based on her grasp of the available information, and while her own experience as a mom was indeed part of her skill set, Car seat wave smher professional approach as an educator meant that we received the data we needed to confidently and happily reach the conclusion of the pregnancy and begin the birth process. When Freya was born it was not only an emotional event, but also one where Erin and Freya were both happy and healthy, and we just could not have reached that same conclusion without our trusted advisor and friend Cat.

As part of Cat’s service as a Doula, she works thoughtfully to prepare her clients with the information they need.  She met with us as a couple and Erin individually to discuss the birth plan and healthy pregnancy topics.  Erin faced challenges at the end of her pregnancy that were at first confusing and scary, and while we had the support of our OB and nurses, we were very lucky to have Cat’s support to complement their advice.  She provided professional journal articles and offered interpretations that did not conflict with the medical advice that we were given, but instead enhanced our understanding of Erin’s challenges.

Gestational diabetes and preeclampsia were at first scary realities that we faced and, in conjunction with Erin’s Advanced Maternal Age, our idea of Freya’s final months in the womb and her arrival were altered significantly.  We were not allowed by the hospitals to have the birth we wanted. We were risked out and categorized. It was a difficult time. But instead of being in the dark, Cat advised and encouraged us with thoughtful and evidence based data that both calmed our fears and inspired us that the new path could be good for both mom and baby.

Induction is a scary process, and one that we never anticipated.  When the day arrived, we were ready to meet the challenges because of the education and support that Cat provided. She worked with us tirelessly through the 3 day process, advocating for us and providing information as the conditions of the birth changed, which seemed to be an almost hourly event.  Erin was able to calm herself and her body in large part because we better understood the events that were unfolding before us. Mike was better able to provide support through the delivery because Cat was there, outside of her own need for sleep and rest, to give perspective and translate the medical jargon.  Cat was a rock.

After the birth Cat visited us in the hospital and our home to answer questions and provide advice.  She continued her practice as before, providing information and often articles and data that encouraged us.  Breastfeeding and Erin’s post-partum health were at the forefront of these visits, and we welcomed her insight and information with open arms. Without Cat our experience would not have been complete, and it is with her support we felt at the time, and even more so in hindsight, that we were able to have the best birth experience possible. Even more importantly, we feel that with her guidance we were able to start our time as parents to Freya with confidence. Because of that we know have a healthy, happy and thriving girl who is everything we hoped she could be. Cupcake girl

Erin and Freya put in the work, but Cat was an amazing teacher and supervisor.  We appreciate the side of Cat that, in consultation with her clients (us) and the available information (data, articles and educated advice) provides an excellent service. We are consultants who do the same in our respective field, and our greatest pride and satisfaction comes in the form of repeat business, or opportunities to provide past clients again with support and information to make good decisions. We consider that to be the greatest compliment of our work. If we were to have another child, we would not hesitate to work with Cat again or recommend her to others and that is the greatest compliment we can provide, entrusting ourselves or our friends to her guiding hands.

Mike and Erin (and Freya)