Less pain, more mobility

 I was having very painful neck spasms. After one session with Catherine I had less pain and more mobility. The treatments are very, very relaxing and I felt release in all the muscle groups on which she worked.  I recommend Catherine to my pregnant patients who are having muscle and joint issues.  – Ann Oswood, nurse midwife, doula

Women can meet life’s changes and challenges with the support of personalized bodywork and movement awareness with mindful attention. Setting her own personal goals, a woman can receive help at any stage in her journey

Childbearing women

I provide somatic therapies for mothers-to-be, from conception onto spacious and grounded preparation for birth. As a doula I provide continuous support for you and your baby to give birth. During the big changes of post-partum and mothering your new baby, I can help you adapt with fluidity, grace and strength.

Women in life transition

I support women in life transition and those experiencing loss or trauma to find strength and grace for meeting challenge through your body’s own fluidity and integrity.

During the everyday miracle of being human, we have the capacity to renew ourselves moment to moment. We create ourselves as women in relationship. Yet, at times, we respond to stress by constricting or by collapsing. Mindful touch and witnessing of somatic therapy can help us find our way home into our own inner resource at any stage in life.

Somatic therapies

Somatic therapy awakens mindfulness of body and deeply releases tension below the level of the conscious mind. With this support we can have more freedom in our choices. We can experience the intrinsic well-being of our cells, healthy dynamic functioning of our systems and of our whole self. We can move into healing relation with ourselves and our loved ones.

What to expect in a session


Choice is your birth right

Connect with yourself & baby to prepare for birth