For childbearing women

In somatic therapy sessions you can settle into your body, find spacious release and open your spirit. You may seek relief from discomfort, connection with yourself and your baby, deepening with mindfulness practices or healing of old, difficult experiences with gentle support. You establish the goals of the session.



Deep release work and relaxation can reduce stress and help you to open for conception.


Many discomforts of pregnancy can be relieved through bodywork for an easier birth for you and baby. Muscle and fascia pain provides you with information about how your body is out of alignment. Better alignment means an easier birth.

Your birth preparation can include deep quietude, with time for your to center around new life within you. When you find your own ground and connections within, you will be able to tune into your inner voice for natural birth.

Connecting with your baby will give you a better sense of him or her, and help you to go through the waves of birth with a clear focus on the movements of the baby as your birth progresses.

You can draw on somatic therapies of body-mind integration and release for healing trauma of the past.

I can support you in creating a ceremony for your big transition into mothering your child. As you bring one aspect of your life to a close, you can take yourself into a renewed sense of self and changing relationships as mother, partner and woman in the world.

You can use private sessions to create a home program of mindfulness practices and somatic movement to help bring balance in your busy life and focus for your pregnancy and coming baby.


During your recovery from birth bodywork and appropriate movement activities can help you heal and regain easy in function. You may also want to call for breastfeeding support.

If you have experienced a very difficult birth, including birth trauma, somatic therapy can help with hands-on therapies and mindfulness practices.


I provide light touch for deep release with craniosacral therapy and myofascial release and toning, along with somatic touch which taps into each body-mind system as needed. I provide somatic movement therapy, bringing deep inner resources to carry forward your desire to heal.

Course of sessions

Your first session will start with an intake history and establishing your goals for our work together, then I will provide hands-on support. Initial intake is generally 1:30 hours. Ongoing sessions can range from 1:00 to 1:30 hours. Women may chose a longer session for deeper embodiment and release. The overall course of sessions depends on your goals.

Sessions may be scheduled directly with me, either at my Riverbluff home space or at my Minnetonka Boulevard therapy room.

Arrange a session

Contact Catherine to schedule a session. Fill out intake forms and bring them to your first session.

Gift certificates & therapy packages

Family and friends can give you a beautiful practical gift to help you prepare for natural birth, to recuperate and to begin breastfeeding. Three gift certificate packages available. You can put together your own prepaid, discounted therapy package also.



Body-mind integration from the beginning