For women



As a compassionate witness to your healing process, I provide an open, safe space to support you. I use light touch to provide deep release.

Your goals, your process

Your session may be deeply restful on a massage table, or more active movement release on a padded surface on the floor, depending on your goals. You establish the goals of the session, whether you want to release a knot in your shoulder, heal past trauma, prepare for challenges ahead or clarify your direction in a difficult decision process. All sessions are fully clothed.

You may choose music or silence. You may choose to enter deeply into your inner floating world or to foster mindfulness practices with my guidance.

Childbearing women

I provide bodywork and movement therapy for you and your baby throughout your entire childbearing period during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Facing life transition

I help you foster your own inner voice and body-mind resources through quiet bodywork or through expressive movement. You may find yourself delving into belief systems, emotional holding patterns, or habits of daily function that no longer serve you well. I can guide you in developing mindfulness practices for inner dialogue and greater awareness in every day life.

Healing trauma and loss

I help you heal emotional wounds and losses by making the inner journey with you as a compassionate witness. Your holding patterns of stress or pain may be one of your most profound resources. Your tissues may be holding it together for your dear life. We can whisper, dear muscles, you have been working so hard for so long. We are here to honor your great efforts. Tell us your story – how difficult, how painful it is. How can I help? I am here with you in the great upheaval of letting go that feels like utter chaos. I am here with you if fear of the unknown and clinging to the familiar arises. I am here with you while you have no idea of what might be possible if you let go of familiar habits. Trusting the wisdom of your own body-mind in process, I take this journey with you into great uncertainty and great potential.

I will encourage you to learn and practice mindful awareness of your body-mind. I will refer you to a counselor, psychotherapist, naturopath, Chinese doctor, herbalist or homeopathist for well rounded support as needed.

Mindfulness practice

You may choose whether you incorporate mindfulness practices into a session. You may do this silently within. If you would like guidance or to learn mindfulness of your body-mind, I will begin with helping you note or track sensations, emotions and thoughts in dialogue with me. I can support you in developing mindfulness practice to foster awareness of your body and mind.


I provide light touch for deep release with craniosacral therapy and myofascial toning, along with somatic touch which taps into each body-mind system as needed. I provide somatic movement therapy, bringing deep inner resources to carry forward your desire to heal.

Course of sessions

Your first session will start with an intake history and establishing your goals for our work together, then I will provide hands-on support. Initial intake is generally 1:30 hours. Ongoing sessions can range from 1:00 to 1:30 hours. Women may chose a longer session for deeper embodiment and release. The overall course of sessions depends on your goals.

Sessions may be scheduled directly with me, either at my Riverbluff home space or at my Minnetonka Boulevard therapy room.

Arrange a session

Contact Catherine to schedule a session. Fill out intake forms and bring them to your first session.