What to expect in session

Breastfeeding help & developmental play

Baby Quinn came at 5 months to relieve very painful breastfeeding after a difficult birth and C-section.

Resolving this, we began to help her get comfortable in tummy time and to move along in her developmental activities. 


All sessions are hands-on with clients fully clothed. What a session looks like varies greatly whether I am providing you with a session, or supporting with your child in developmental play.

Generally craniosacral therapy and myofascial toning are calm, quiet sessions offered on a table or padded surface on the floor. Some children like to hear stories or talk about their favorite activities while receiving craniosacral therapy.

For young children I provide hands-on therapies on the move, at a play table or on your lap. In developmental movement therapy sessions I incorporate play, activities, interactions, massage and movement activities, as appropriate for your child. I often work on babies on a comfortable surface or in your arms.

What to expect in a session

Home program

If you wish, I will create an individualized home program for your self care or for your day-to-day support of your child. Brain based research shows that daily input through activity produces the most effective outcomes for neurological development. Your home program is a natural extension of session work we do together. Your home program extends the value of in-person therapy sessions, making economic sense for your family.

Arrange a session

Contact Catherine to schedule a session. I provide you with intake forms to fill out and bring to your first session.


Contact me with your concern and we can take the next step together. I hold my schedule privately, as session lengths vary widely based on what you or your child needs. We can have the conversation via e-mail or phone about what your needs are.


Home office: I work mostly out of my home in Seward neighborhood, close to the Riverside exit of I94. I provide my address to clients when we schedule.

Home visits: I come to your home for breastfeeding support for newborns in the first week (or two week if baby or mother has a medical need, such as recovering from a C-section.) Standard mileage rates apply.

Doula support: I come to your home for prenatal and postpartum visits.  You will have one prenatal bodywork session at my home office. I attend your birth, usually beginning at your home, and accompany you to your choice of birth location.

St Louis Park office: On occasion by special arrangement I work out of a shared education/therapy center at 4820 Minnetonka Boulevard, Suite 200, in St Louis Park.  Additional fees apply.