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Avoided ear surgery

Our five year old son, Daniel, was diagnosed with a mild hearing impairment  caused by fluid sitting in his middle ear.  Ear tube surgery was scheduled, but we decided to see if craniosacral therapy could mediate the problem.  After 4 sessions of craniosacral therapy with Catherine, the audiologist and ENT determined that the fluid was gone and Daniel’s hearing was back in the normal range. To our delight, surgery was deemed unnecessary and was cancelled.

Throughout our sessions, Catherine taught me head massage techniques so that I can assist in maintaining a healthy middle ear for Daniel.  We are grateful for craniosacral therapy and thrilled that it allowed us to avoid the more invasive and involved step of anesthesia and surgery.      – Beth

Toddler and pre-schoolers are active and fast growing. The tumbles and bumps of play can knock a child’s body off-balance. During these first years your child’s head and brain continue to grow rapidly. Bones of the head change in both size and shape. Any misalignments from birth or from falls can create restrictions in the tissues that are the home of the brain. These restrictions can affect how well the eyes and ears work. Craniosacral therapy can relieve many physical stresses and discomforts.

Sometimes children feel tension in their heads, but they don’t even know that life can be otherwise, so they are unlikely to report that they have a headache. Do you see a worried look or furrowed brow? Does your child often rub or hit some part of his head, ears or eyes? Are his eyes or ears uneven? Does your child grind his teeth?

Does your child experience frequent illness? Sinus congestion or noisy breathing? Blocked ears or fluid in her ears? Hearing impairment? Repeated ear infections? Any of these signs show us that your child feels tension, pressure or restriction on her insides.

Somatic therapies

With craniosacral therapy I gently support your child’s brain growth and alignment of the head, spine and hips. Craniosacral therapy establishes healthy brain rhythms and flow for the circulatory system of the central nervous system, providing it with continuous oxygen and nutrients.

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