Developmental delay

Shining starfish

After a difficult birth, Katy showed speech delays and tantrums. In starfish Katy gathers into her center with our help. With all the parts of herself connected, she can let her little light shine.

Although your child is moving along in development in many arenas, you may feel that something is off. Trust yourself – you know your child better than anyone. Perhaps your child had many delays earlier – and now is lagging in several areas that sometimes seem unrelated.

Early signs of neural immaturity

  • High need disposition & tantrums
  • Lagging in ability to self care
  • Anxiety or impulsiveness
  • Hyperactivity or passivity
  • Poor sense of balance or coordination
  • Sensory and sensori-motor problems (super sensitive to touch, foods, sounds, light, etc)
  • Language delay and speech problems
  • Skipped or delayed movement development

Make developmental leaps

Your child, at this early age, is primed for development. With simple early intervention, he can make the brain connections that will move him along in every arena.

Your child may have health issues complicating her development. If so, I can refer you to integrative therapists and we will work as a team to help your child.

Somatic therapies

Developmental movements organize your child’s brain, his sensory systems, and his body. Development movements and reflexes are natural resources within your child that we can activate to mature his mind in for easy function. Developmental movement therapy includes sensori-motor and reflex integration through play therapies, educational programs and therapeutic massage.

What to expect in a session for your toddler or preschooler


 Movement and the Emerging Mind

Body-mind integration through play