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Our beloved cannot read our mind

Child development | Parenting

As babies, our little ones need us to give generously to care for them. Our wholehearted responsiveness to their needs of all kinds creates within them a sense of trust in relationship.  We respond with ‘Yes, my dear one’, as much as we are able. Babies learn that the world is a safe place, that… Read more »

Who initiates birth

Active baby in birth

  Your baby is the prime instigator of labor in a physiologic birth. He begins the whole process of birth via dynamic fluid communications through his placenta. In utero your baby tracks all of her own internal development.  Researchers seeking the triggers for onset of labor have found that fetal lung maturity is a key… Read more »

On target

Breastfeeding | Child development

Your baby loves to look at target shapes – but those abstract circles to hang over the crib are not what he needs. Look at your own beautiful self.  Here you find will find the juicy target shapes that your baby wants to gaze upon. Nipples, eyes and faces What could be more important to… Read more »

Rotation for mama and baby

Active baby in birth

Baby’s descent during the birth is a big movement project for him.  Your best options for easing labor are to move – or to be moved. You know that the muscles of your uterus are well designed to propel your baby down and out.  The upper two-thirds of the uterine muscles are extraordinarily strong, while… Read more »

Your baby as your birth partner

Active baby in birth

A woman approaching birth is on an intimate journey with her baby, and soon to share the exquisite experience of birth.  You know that you can be active and empowered in your birth with good support.   As a woman you have all the resources within in you to own your birth.  Just so, your baby… Read more »