Somatic touch

Somatic touch therapies encompass hands-on bodywork and movement facilitation with each and all of the systems of the body-mind. Most of the touch therapy bodywork, that I practice is carried out under the umbrella of craniosacral therapy and myofascial toning. I also incorporate somatic touch that is resonant any of the tissues and systems, as needed by the individual.

Appropriate quality of touch depends on the recipient. A baby needs particular types of touch depending on which of her little systems is calling for support. Very light, clear, directed touch evokes her skeletal system to give a child information about where any overlaps and logjams are, as well as where openings are available. The spacious, suspended rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid calms her neural tissue and buoys up her bones. Somatic touch feeds a child her own sensations to remind a baby of her natural mobility and ease in organizing for activities such as breastfeeding. A child may call on help via other systems to unwind muscular tension, twisting in the fascia, or shock in the neuro-endocrine system after birth trauma.

A woman may evoke her own configuration of somatic touch therapy. She may tone muscles and ligaments and unwind fascia to resolve chronic alignment problems or muscular pain. A woman may release emotions long held in her body from accidents, stress, birth trauma or assault. When anyone has had an overwhelming experience, it may be put on hold anywhere in her body. Each of us has a very personal response or holding pattern that can only unwind through being met in the truth of our own personal experience.

Within each of us, every tissue and system has its own unique contribution to our mind states and how we move through life. The full range of touch available to meet each of your systems enables any emotional and physical experience to be met, to be supported, and allow you to have another choice than holding on for dear life.

Somatic touch therapies references our anatomical systems from a standard Western view, integrated with perspectives of ancient traditions such as yoga, qi gong and mindfulness practices.

Somatic touch therapy accesses the skeletal system, muscles, fascia & ligaments, fluids systems (cerebrospinal fluid, blood, cellular, interstitial, lymph, immune, synovial), organs (heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, spleen, digestive, reproductive, urinary), nervous system, senses and perceptions (vision, audition, tactile, smell, taste, touch in a multitude of receptors, kinesthetic senses of vestibular, proprioceptive and endocrine system.

The somatic perspective of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen provides comprehensive and highly specific insights into the body-mind field of awareness through embodied touch and movement therapies.