Mindfulness and Hakomi

Mindfulness practice

I incorporate mindfulness practices in sessions and teaching. Mindfulness is the simple, heartful intention is to notice the workings of one’s mind and body, and how one affects others around oneself. You may draw on mindfulness teachings in our work together, and further your capacity to be in the present moment with healing and authenticity. I draw from many traditions and teachers in practicing and offering the skillful means of mindfulness.



Movement and mindfulness

In the somatic tradition, mindfulness in movement, as well as in stillness, is the source of direct experiential knowing of oneself and one’s world. When we bring our attention to our breath moving through us, and other physiologic rhythms, we know ourselves deeply. In generous attention we foster the heart states of kindness, compassion, calmness and joy. Movement is life, and in mindfulness we awaken to life loving life.

Hakomi psychotherapeutic principles for bodywork

Hakomi principles are rooted in mindfulness, and provide a way of verbally processing during healing in hands-on or movement therapy. Whether one is working with dismantling habituated patterns, or healing painful trauma, Hakomi verbal processing serves to move us through to a new view on this ever changing life.


Movement and the Emerging Mind 

Moment to moment