Developmental movement therapy

Movement and the Emerging Mind

Taking turns leading & following







With developmental movement therapy I am able to provide a powerful therapy that activates developmental drivers. Simple, early movements tap into innate resources within your child to awaken his emerging mind.

Children first learn through movement, touch, relationship and all their senses. Developmental movements are specific movements that children naturally do when provided opportunities. Children love to move, and are deeply motivated to fulfill their own development. These somatic movements support your child in developing:

  • emerging sense of self
  • emotional intelligence – ability to modulate between states of calm and excitement
  • attention networks – building attention asset vs attention deficit
  • physical integrity – coordination, strength, and postural alignment

In providing developmental movement therapy for your child, I assess which specific movement patterns and sensory systems may be disorganized.  Poorly organized sensory and movement systems undermine children’s ability to fulfill their own development.  Immature reflexes and unfulfilled developmental movements can stall out areas of a child’s development.

Many children don’t fulfill their developmental movements in their early years, so may need help to fill in the gaps from infancy through school age. Every child has innate intelligence in his body-mind. I help your child awaken these inner capacities, so that development can take off on it own. With access to his own somatic resources of body and mind, your child can embark on his own journey in his evolving spiral of development.