Craniosacral therapy



I offer gentle, hands-on touch therapy that provides relief from discomfort, aids function, relaxes, and provides inner connection and deep healing. Bodywork is on a massage table or padded surface with clients fully clothed.

I use light touch of craniosacral therapy and myofascial toning to restore alignment, tone, balance and  rhythm. Depending what is calling to be healed within an individual, I access specific body-mind systems with awareness and touch. I provide therapeutic touch resonant with fluids, cellular, organs, skeletal, endocrine and nervous system. You may incorporate mindfulness practice. If you choose, I can provide guidance, or you or your child take the lead.

Anatomy & Physiology

Craniosacral system: As the home of the brain and central nervous system, the craniosacral system provides both support and nourishment to neural tissue. The craniosacral system is made up of three tissues: skeletal (cranium & spine), fascia (dura surrounding the brain & spinal cord), and cerebral spinal fluid (which bathes the brain).

The craniosacral system particularly interacts with the nervous system and brain, affecting emotional regulation and the senses, including eyes and ears.

I guide the bones into alignment, assist fascia to unwind, and bring the cerebral spinal fluid into healthy rhythm. Bringing light touch to these tissues with an attitude of caring witness and gentle guide, these tissues find their way into ease.

The craniosacral system interacts with the myofascial system throughout the body, so I often incorporate myofascial toning within bodywork sessions.

Somatic approach: Mind in Motion

Beyond structure: Our body, minds and actions continuously interact and influence each other. The activity of moving in the world shapes us, as does the activity of our fluids flowing within us. Healthy fluid flow within characterizes vitality. Each tissue in us has a specific quality, movement, and mind state associated with it. Fluidity, lightness, calmness and spaciousness characterize the cerebral spinal fluid. Bones provide clarity in structure. Fascia provides dynamic support and healthy limits. Muscles provide energetic motion.

Each system, in good relation with the others, provides our mind with these qualities. Somatic therapy encompasses the mind in motion.

Motion and emotion

I draw on Hakomi emotional processing and mindfulness to serve as witness and facilitator of emotional release. When experience is held in tissue memory, such as with birth trauma and abuse history, one can visit these vulnerable places with gentle respect for things just as they are. Individuals pace themselves in healing events that before have overwhelmed your nervous system’s capacity to process experience. I trust your healing process. As witness, I support you in returning to the present moment, where all healing takes place.

What to expect in a session for: