Somatic Embryology

Somatic Embryology Study Group

Somatic explorations of the first weeks of life in utero. Open to folks who have trained in somatic movement in one of these lineages:

  • Body-Mind Centering®
  • Global Somatics®

Bring yoga mat, pillow, blanket

Themes & explorations floating currently:

  • Tracking somatic experience via vestibular, fluids, fascia
  • Movement flow as source of emergent form & activity
  • Generating support from within & connection to other
  • Self & other/independence & interdependence
  • Membrane & container – conscious space & contents


Sources: Body-Mind Centering approach, embryologic texts, and your direct experience.  Facilitated by Catherine Burns, RSMT, IDME, Doula


Sliding fee: $10-20/session


Please RSVP on Facebook, as then I can be sure to bring enough materials for all participants.