Doulas make a difference: Breastfeeding

A lively workshop packed with activities, video and resources for you and families you serve. Catherine combines her years of experience as a lactation counselor and doula with evidence based practices. Meets DONA requirements for doula certification.

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Catherine Burns is a certified lactation counselor, birth doula CD(DONA) and craniosacral therapist.  She specializes in breastfeeding support and childbearing women along with early childhood development. Catherine serves as the go-to referral when breastfeeding is painful or difficult for numerous home birth midwives and doulas in the Twin Cities area. She is a registered trainer with the Minnesota Center for Professional Development.

Breastfeeding:  a mastery, developmental activity

Newborns are highly competent when in their mothers’ arms.  Here babies are able to fulfill their innate abilities to breastfeed.  We can help babies activate their inner resources — or we can get in their way! Mothers, too, have innate resources for breastfeeding.  We can help, or we can shut them down.  As a registered somatic movement therapist and infant developmental movement educator Catherine brings a refreshing and highly effective approach to helping mothers and babies breastfeed.

Workshop content

  • Primary benefits of breastfeeding
  • Major myths and facts of breastfeeding
  • Breast anatomy & how milk is made
  • Capacities that the baby brings to breastfeeding
  • How to help baby go for it
  • What practices get in the way of baby’s initiation of breastfeeding
  • Evaluate latch & help position babies
  • Recognize common problems
  • Milk storage guidelines & pumping
  • Where to find your resources
  • When to refer

The workshop also includes the birth doula’s role in breastfeeding support, prenatal education for breastfeeding success and helping your family create a newborn care plan.  You will take away many skills and resources to support mothers and babies for breastfeeding in the first hours after birth, talking points for new families and how to counsel and encourage the nursing mother.


Baby led breastfeeding

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