I can provide your staff with quality professional developmental training, resources and support to improve outcomes for children. I train educators, childcare providers, doulas, therapists and other professionals who work with young children from newborn through early childhood.

As a registered trainer with the MN Center for Professional Development, I provide principles and practices for expanding your hands-on skills, teaching methods and understanding of development. This practical approach uses reflex integration and developmental movements to naturally fosters children’s inner resources from the beginning to grow in emotional maturity and learning readiness.


Practical take aways

Participants were excited about the information you shared with us.  They found it very informative and expressed the desire and interest for more information.  Feedback indicated that they enjoyed your presentation style as well.   – Jan Dahl, PT

Doulas and birth community

Childcare providers

  • Supporting breastfeeding in childcare settings
  • Developmental movement for babies: helps babies fulfill their mastery activities and milestones
  • Developmental movement for toddlers and preschoolers: addresses behavior issues, developmental delay and learning challenge

Early childhood staff

Developmental movement and fun, effective strategies for learning readiness and to address behavior problems

Sample workshops

Balancing Act Series

  • Tilt-a-whirl
  • Teeter totter
  • Slow spin


Resources for professionals

Articles and manual provide practical approaches along with developmental principles for professional application.

  • Why tummy time & crawling? – Unpacks how early natural movements underlie every arena of a child’s development. Citations.
  • Developmental movement and learning in the first year -An overview of how developmental movement affects learning readiness, attention asset (vs attention deficit) and cognitive mapping of the brain. Citations.
  • Comfort and challenge playbook – Professional manual with principles and practices for working with children with challenge from babies through school age.
  • Developmental movement packet – Professional packet with principles and practical activities to help babies do early activities that develop emotional balance, learning readiness and postural integrity.

On-site consultation

I can support your program with improved outcomes for children’s learning and behavior, as well as provide many effective approaches to helping children with special needs and developmental delay.

Design your own consultation with these components:

  • Observe staff & learning environment
  • Observe interactions with children
  • Recommend program changes
  • Provide staff training

Contact Catherine to plan an on-site consultation to improve outcomes for children in your care.


Your organization can sponsor topics for parents including:

More movement for babies

I am incorporating more movement into my programs since I found your site. The information is fantastic.

I will be sharing your article on the benefits of tummy time with parents in my baby/early childhood program. Thanks so much for the wonderful resources for parents….such important information!  –  Joanne Smith, early childhood educator 


Movement and the Emerging Mind 

Spread the wisdom

Thank you so much for welcoming us and sharing your wisdom. We left feeling elated and inspired. We truly felt the effects of the brief therapy you provided us. We set out on this journey hoping for more intimate modes of education. Our experience with you, as well as the information you gave us on furthering our craniosacral therapy education, exceeded our expectations.


We hope to keep in touch and utilize your knowledge in the future. We will try to spread the wisdom you imparted as we travel. – Gypsy nurses, Chelsea Lee & Maggie Mae