Active Role of the Baby in Birth


A lively workshop with demonstrations and practical activities for helping a baby to fulfill her mastery activities during birth.  With this workshop a woman can develop a deeper trust in the capacity of her own body and her baby to give birth. Workshops focus on birth preparation and comfort measures during birth that help labor progress.

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This workshop is designed in two formats.  Parents can participate in a three hour workshop.  Birth professionals can take part in a four hour workshop.  Both parents and professionals will gain many insights and tools for natural birth.

An organization can sponsor workshops for parents or for birth professionals such as doulas, midwives and other birth professionals.  Workshops outside the Minneapolis-St Paul area have several options. Combining both on one day and evening may be more feasible.

Sponsoring organizations are responsible for travel costs and lodging costs. In a sponsorship arrangement, the sponsoring organization and myself as presenter will split responsibilities and workshop income.  Fees shown here are minimum for presenter fees, with additional fees based on numbers of participants.  This is an in-person workshop with hands-on guidance and learning activities.

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Parents, Birth professionals

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