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MamaBebe Services

Contact Catherine to arrange therapy sessions or a Spinning Babies Parent Class®.

Somatic Therapies

Craniosacral therapy & Myofascial therapy

Gentle, relaxing hands-on somatic therapy for you, your baby and your growing child.  Sessions are provided at my Riverbluff home office.  Availability for my schedule and location varies. Fees are $100 per hour.

Home visits are available for your newborn for breastfeeding support, lactation counseling, gentle somatic therapy and recuperation from birth in the first two weeks.  Round trip mileage for a home visit is based on the IRS standard rate.

Developmental movement therapy

A comprehensive neuro-developmental therapy program for your child includes evaluation, regular therapy sessions and home program for parents to carry out.  Early intervention can change the course of a child’s life.

  • Infants    –  $100/hour
  • Toddlers   –  $100/hour

Somatic movement therapy

Mindfulness and movement awareness practices for women who want to awaken deep inner resources for healing – $100/hour

Gift Certificates and Packages

MamaBebe gift certificates provide excellent value for new and growing families to have the best start. Choose a bundle of services for mother and baby together, or packages for prenatal care, postpartum recovery, for help with breastfeeding, or for developmental support.

Discounted packages and gift certificates are available for craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, lactation counseling and for developmental movement therapy.


Spinning Babies Parent Class: Birthing women/people can prepare their bodies for birth and help baby come through the pelvis with Spinning Babies® movement and hands-on partner activities. Starting in pregnancy, you can bring your body into balanced alignment for easier birth. The 3 hour Spinning Babies® Parent Class teaches parents the essential movements for your coming birth. You will know what to do, when and why.  Class fee is $150/couple.

A private Spinning Babies Parent Class addresses your personal concerns, on your schedule. Class fee is $250.

Heart to Heart to Heart for couples finding deep connection with each other and your baby in preparation for birth.  Class fee is $225/couple.

Natural Breastfeeding online video series.  How to have the easiest start to breastfeeding, with many demonstration sessions of moms receiving guidance in practices and positions. Unlimited online access for only $50.

Contact Catherine to ask about my availability and to arrange therapy sessions or Spinning Babies Parent Class.

Movement and the Emerging Mind 

Body-mind integration from the beginning