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Is my unborn baby at risk for COVID-19?

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Is my unborn baby at risk for COVID-19? If I get COVID-19 while pregnant,  will I have other serious health consequences? Evidence based information for childbearing women Research concludes: Pregnant women who have COVID-19 have the same symptoms as the general population. “The clinical characteristics of COVID-19 pneumonia during pregnancy are similar to those of… Read more »

Elderberry – Let’s clear up the confusion


In these uncertain times, we all want to know what we can do to strengthen our health for ourselves, our kids and our family members.  We want solid, high quality information to make decisions. One of my roles in supporting families is to vet and forward excellent information to families.   Also, let’s demystify confusing… Read more »

Babies are money makers


In his research on infant care, and especially premature infant care, Dr Nils Bergman is working assiduously to debunk the mythology that premature babies are more healthy in incubators.  The whole emergence of incubator use was a great money maker of “Dr” Couney, who set up his Infant Incubator exhibits at World Fairs and amusement… Read more »