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Should or Could

Awakening mind | Mindfulness in motion

Noticing again how often SHOULD is running behind my thoughts and everyday functioning.  All the things I SHOULD do are worthwhile. But Should Do carries such a weight of judgment when I don’t manage to pull it all off. Of course, since it is the endless To Do list. When I slow down enough to… Read more »

Pacing with his own inner rhythm

Child development | Mindfulness in motion

As a toddler Gavin has an initial healthy hesitation in allowing me, as a practitioner, to touch him.  With play and slow approach, Gavin gradually settles in to feel safe in the room and with me.  He can play with shape sorting puzzles while I give him gentle, light craniosacral therapy. Then Gavin pauses to track how… Read more »

We’re in Vagus now!

Mindfulness in motion

When we are in a happy place with the vagus nerve, the world is good. But when the vagus is unhappy, we are in tears and tantrums. So what and where is Vagus? Not far away, I assure you. The vagus nerve runs the show on the most basic states of the nervous system. We… Read more »

Mulberry season

Mindfulness in motion

Ahh, the mulberries are dropping, squishy where we walk.  Purple fingered children are feasting while the birds fleet and chatter on high. Each of us were mulberries once upon a time, packed with juicy potential on day four from conception.  As little fertilized zygotes you were carried by a steady current along the great arc… Read more »

Small mind, big mind

Mindfulness in motion

Here I am, getting lost in the details of everyday life, having spent hours working to solve computer tech glitches.  Finally I walk away from today’s unresolved problems. I feel how my mind is still caught in crunching details. I remember, hearsay — or heresy of our driven culture — that life is more than… Read more »