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Breastfeeding Friendly childcare


New MDH Breastfeeding Friendly recognition program available The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has launched a program to recognize family child care homes and child care centers that have taken steps to become Breastfeeding Friendly. Child care providers can play a critical role in supporting breastfeeding mothers and their babies. It’s important to recognize their… Read more »

Triplet tales: It took a village

Breastfeeding | Somatic bodywork

Breastfeeding: Slow beginning….. We were committed to breastfeeding, and we needed everyone’s help to make it possible.  Breastfeeding was affected by so many variables.  Each baby had his/her own little challenges in the beginning. I began bringing them to breast from the first day, but they were born early, so the babies weren’t quite ready… Read more »

Desperate for sleep

Breastfeeding | Child development | Somatic bodywork

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Catherine on and off for about a year and a half now. We first sought her out for her craniosacral services when our son had colic and we were desperate for sleep and answers. Other options had provided him no relief. However, one session with Catherine and he… Read more »

Biting – owwwwwwwww


We have all seen the blissful babes at breast with the mom.  So, what is going on???? Your baby is biting??? Do you have folks saying that this is normal discomfort of start-up breastfeeding, your nipples will toughen up, you will get used to it, baby will grow out of it?  Ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch. Some… Read more »

On target

Breastfeeding | Child development

Your baby loves to look at target shapes – but those abstract circles to hang over the crib are not what he needs. Look at your own beautiful self.  Here you find will find the juicy target shapes that your baby wants to gaze upon. Nipples, eyes and faces What could be more important to… Read more »