Well baby care

Newborn care

A well child check is recommended for your baby in the first few days, due to the intense compression forces on baby’s neck and head at birth. Often breastfeedingsleep and colic problems are due to impacts of birth. A certified lactation counselor and craniosacral therapist, I make home or hospital visit for newborns in the Twin Cities to provide support for breastfeeding. From the very beginning, I can help resolve difficulties of birth, breastfeeding and other issues, usually within a few sessions. 

Easy rolling

Camilla’s mother, a Montessori teacher, sought help when she realized that her daughter was skipping early milestones and mastery activities.  Within two sessions Camilla was rolling. 

Developmental support through the first year

Your baby’s normal progression of developmental movement, from tummy time through rolling, crawling and walking, provides her with essential brain connections. Developmental movements help your child create her internal emotional balance, build attention networks in her brain, and integrate her senses, including vision and hearing. If your baby dislikes tummy time, has difficulty with any movements, or has skipped them, these experiential gaps in her core brain organization can undermine her learning and behavior, now and later.

You can arrange periodic developmental check-ins to help your baby as she grows. As an infant developmental movement educator and somatic therapist, I offer early intervention at the first sign of delay in any arena. I can advise you on upcoming development and give appropriate activities and interactions to help your baby move along month to month. I provide families with a simple and effective home program. You and your partner can easily incorporate these play activities, pleasant massage and touch therapies into your day-to-day care for your baby.

Infants with challenges benefit tremendously from developmental therapies that you can take home with you to give your baby the best support from the beginning.

Somatic therapies and education

I provide gentle, effective hands-on somatic therapies and guide your child in playful developmental movements. With articles you can help your baby with body-mind integration from the beginning.

What to expect in a session for your baby


Essential wellness for mother and child

Body-mind integration from the beginning

Help for twins

 Strong & relaxed

6 months strong

Liam didn’t like tummy time at all, and his muscles were very stiff.  After several sessions with Catherine, he grew to love being on his tummy and explore the world around him. Now his core strength has made him ready for rolling and crawling. Liam loves the bodywork with Catherine in her relaxed and easy atmosphere. – Haruko

L Xmas sled 2014

Playing the social card