High risks for delays

Due to complications during my pregnancy, my son Henry was born with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction), resulting in a very low birth weight, and risks for developmental delays. I sought out Catherine for support and guidance in helping Henry reach his full potential during his first year.

Now flourishing

As a yoga instructor, I connected immediately with Catherine’s use of movement. She showed me how to work with his natural movement patterns and reflexes in order to ‘wake up’ neurological pathways; pathways that are always present, but benefit greatly from the gentle, fun activities and exercises Catherine showed us.

Henry has flourished since we began seeing Catherine on a regular basis. He recently began crawling, just days after Catherine gave us activities directed towards crawling on all fours. He is now a movement fiend: pulling to stand and crawling up the stairs (God help us!)

I am happy to say that after all our difficulties during Henry’s first weeks and months, I no longer have worries about his physical development. I learn so much about Henry and about child development each time we go to see Catherine. Our family is blessed to have found her.    – Anna

If your pregnancy has been difficult, your developing baby may be affected in many ways, depending on your condition and timing of difficulties. These are some examples of conditions during pregnancy that may show up as issues for your baby as she grows

Discomfort and pain

Many women experience persistent discomfort or pain during pregnancy, from headaches to back ache. These are red flags for alignment problems that also place restrictions on the baby and are likely to result in a difficult birth. I provide craniosacral therapy and myofascial toning to resolve many discomforts of pregnancy. Your good alignment makes for an easier birth for both you and your baby.

Restricted movement for mother and baby

Restricted movement during pregnancy, from desk jobs to bedrest, not only limits a mother’s ability to move, but so restricts your baby’s movement. Movement restrictions may affect the alignment of your baby’s bones, resulting in problems with difficult birth, breastfeeding, unusual shape of eyes and ears, and unusual movement patterns. In the early years the growing bones allow gentle, effective adjustment with craniosacral therapy. Developmental movement therapy and reflex integration corrects many movement issues, and underlie easy development of your baby’s sense of self, emotional balance and attention asset.


Stress for you equals stress for your baby, with many potential impacts on development. Craniosacral therapy provides both physical and emotional release for mother and baby.

Health problems

If you have health issues such allergies, food reactions, candida or vaginal infections prior to pregnancy or during pregnancy, your baby may be affected in his own autoimmune and gut functions, leading to digestive problems, colic and sleep issues.

Health issues are complex and may require support from various sources. I provide craniosacral therapy and infant massage to help your child, and I team with holistic family practitioners who provide natural remedies for you and your child when needed.

Infertility or loss

A history of infertility is stressful, even when a pregnancy is viable, as a mother may not dare hope, until well along, that her baby will arrive well in her arms. Prior infant or child loss may create a deep well of grief. For the growing baby, in utero conditions may create bonding and attachment difficulties. If you have faced losses or setbacks, I can help you in healing with Hakomi emotional release and craniosacral therapy.

Somatic therapies and education

I provide gentle, effective hands-on somatic therapies and guide your child in playful developmental movements. Craniosacral therapy and developmental movement therapy are gentle supports for your baby. You may also choose to revisit and resolve any difficulty of your own birth experience. With Hakomi support, you and your baby can process emotional stress. I can help you or your child at any age if you experienced a difficult start. With articles you can help your baby with body-mind integration from the beginning.

What to expect in a session for your newborn and growing baby



Essential wellness for mother and child

Body-mind integration from the beginning