Skin to skin


Immediately place baby on mother’s body upon birth to help stabilize breathing, heart rate and temperature.  Skin to skin is the best practice to help breastfeeding establish.

Your baby’s first hours of life make a deep impression on her. Babies do best when they are in skin to skin contact with their mothers continuously from the moment they are born. Babies are usually able to establish breastfeeding in the first 30 minutes to 2 hours.


Many problems of breastfeeding can be resolved with just a few sessions. If mother and baby are struggling, craniosacral therapy can change breastfeeding into ease and mutual comfort.


An inconsolable baby is crying for help. The most likely sources of colic are discomfort from the intensity of birth or from food sensitivities. Getting good help for baby will relieve stress for everyone.


Difficulty with breathing as a newborn can set up an ongoing pattern for stressed breathing. Gentle release work can relax tight ribs and diaphragm.

Separation at birth

For medical reasons babies are sometimes separated from their mothers, or because of hospital protocol. Prolonged separations from both mother and father/partner may result in birth trauma and bonding/attachment issues, with both emotional and physical effects. Mothers may also experience these effects. Craniosacral therapy and Hakomi process provide gentle resolution.

Extensive medical procedures

Babies have acute sensory systems which imprint their every experience. Medical procedures save lives, yet may leave a baby’s nervous system in trauma or shock. Sensory systems, such as touch, hearing or vision, may show stress early, as in colic, or in later years, with attention problems for example. Craniosacral therapy helps baby’s nervous system to process these events.


Every week of prematurity poses increased challenges for a baby. Continuous skin-to-skin, or kangaroo care, has been widely demonstrated to be the most beneficial treatment along with necessary medical support. Developmental delay, due immaturity of the brain and sensory systems (including touch, hearing, vision), can be addressed effectively with developmental movement therapy combined with craniosacral therapy.

Somatic therapies and education

I provide gentle, effective hands-on somatic therapies and guide your child in playful developmental movements. Craniosacral therapy and developmental movement therapy can help from the beginning, as well as help young children who had a difficult start. With articles you can help your baby with body-mind integration from the beginning.

What to expect in a session for your newborn



Essential wellness for baby and mother

Body-mind integration from the beginning