Difficult start


A little guy tells us about his rough start

Although Alex had a short labor, it was intense.  I could see that his eyes were not lined up quite right and at first his latch was tight.  Breastfeeding seemed like a lot of work for him.  We had just a few craniosacral sessions to get things going.    – mama B


Your baby’s in utero experience may have significant impacts on your child’s structure and emotional states. Discomforts and pain during pregnancy or stress impact your growing baby inside. Health problems and restrictions on your movement also shape your child. Your baby may be affected by a history of infertility and loss. You have many avenues to support your baby during pregnancy, infancy and childhood. I provide prenatal care for women and can help resolve issues during pregnancy. If your baby’s prenatal time was difficult, I can help.


You and your baby can experience the intensity of birth as powerful and empowering. Yet a baby’s birth journey makes a deep imprint on his structure, including displaced bones. Whether your baby was able to actively partner in birth (vaginal, mostly unmedicated birth) or was passive creates a template for her lifelong approach to learning and how she processes emotions.

A very difficult birth may create trauma or shock that affects many systems of the child, both physical and emotional. Mothers may also be in trauma or shock after a difficult birth. I provide hands-on help and support for emotional processing if you and your baby have had difficult birth. You can reduce the risks of traumatic birth through informed health choices and doula support.

Babies may also come in the world with genetic anomalies that create developmental delay or structural anomalies that require extensive medical procedures. With gentle touch and developmental support I can help buoy up your child’s developmental and healing processes.


The first hours of meeting you and all his first experiences imprint your vulnerable baby. Separation at birth, difficulties with breathing, prematurity, and inability to establish breastfeeding, as well as extensive medical procedures, even when needed, each impact your newborn. Gentle craniosacral support can help your baby stay connected with herself and with you for her best beginning.

Somatic therapies and education

I provide gentle, effective hands-on somatic therapies and guide your child in playful developmental movements. I also provide craniosacral therapy and developmental movement therapy to help children later, who have had a difficult start at any age. With articles you can help your baby with body-mind integration from the beginning.

What to expect in a session for your newborn and growing baby.



Essential wellness for mother and child

Body-mind integration from the beginning



Bruised at birth

I delivered my baby boy naturally, but I  had hemorrhaged and was very weak. As a first time mother, I was trying so hard to breastfeed and was successful, but just about every feeding caused him discomfort and pain.

Li'l guy - face bruised at birth sml

I tried everything. I got the midwives to check and see that everything was OK, but baby L would still cry through almost every feeding. Because I pushed for almost 7 hours and he had a very large head, he was in rough shape. His face was bruised and his nose was pressed flat for so long that L’s breathing was very noisy.

My birth center referred me to Catherine. I was so excited for someone to help. She was able to work with us to gently adjust my baby’s head. After a few sessions, L was improving and no longer crying during feedings. It was amazing to see the changes. We were able to enjoy him more and more.

It was such a blessing to find Catherine. She answered all of our questions and was so gentle with our little guy. We are so grateful for our experience with her.        – mama MJM