Developmental Playgroup

In the MamaBebe Developmental Playgroup you will nurture your child’s well-being and natural intelligence through play and developmental movement, while being supported in your own development as a mother. Babies from two weeks to nine months (pre-crawlers) are welcome.

The Developmental Playgroup supports you as a mother in mindful parenting in community, hones your intuitive capacities for noticing small developmental changes and provides activities to help your baby develop.  You will develop your own perceptual skills and movement awareness while supporting your baby in the same arenas.

Classes vary in theme and activity.  One class focuses on visual system development and movement with yoga play for both moms and babies. Other sessions are devoted to birth processing through sharing birth stories, movement and hands-on support. Some classes incorporate activities for mothers to recuperate and revive, such as qigong for hormonal balance.

Every class begins with time for sharing and questions about development for both you and your baby. Together each woman can develop as a mother and a woman.  Here you can co-create a community for parenting.  You can pose your concerns, challenges and joys for yourself and your child, and receive support.

Infant development is a primary theme in every class. Natural movement activities, mindfulness practices and current research are woven together in somatic activities for body-mind integration. You will learn and share ways to comfort, such as infant massage and greater range in your quality of touch. Coming from an appreciation of your baby just as he is, you learn how to help him meet challenges. You will learn specific skills and activities to facilitate the small and big changes that your growing child faces. You will be able to help your baby to bridge to her next milestone in her own time.

Emotional intelligence

Natural activities enable your baby to transition between states of excitement and calm. Your child’s ability to find balance through developmental play and expression is the basis for emotional modulation and a healthy sense of self.  In our class series we share in your child’s emerging sense of self. Mindfulness practices include witnessing each other and babies.  We practice empathetic listening and attentive observation of your baby in developmental changes.

Social intelligence

Developmental movements and your committed parenting provide your baby’s early opportunities for mastery learning. Through developmental movements your baby activates essential brain pathways. As your child grows she will take her alphabet of movement, and create her own complex movements and play that continue to develop her body and mind.

Early somatic learning

In the playgroup you will learn developmental movements that organize a child’s brain, eyes and ears for attention and learning. Developmental playgroup activities waken networks in the brain for your baby’s first cognitive intelligence.  You will help your baby develop the ABCs of learning readiness in play; Attention, Balance and Coordination. We’ll be building attention asset -instead of attention deficit!

Movement and physical development

Your baby develops coordination, core strength and postural integrity in developmental movements, yoga and play. We will join your little one in their aerobic baby workout to build core strength. These movements provide your baby with a foundation of lifelong alignment.

Playgroup series

The developmental playgroup is a 6 week course.  The developmental playgroup meets on Fridays at 10:00am on a variable schedule.  Different content will be offered in each course in a series of playgroups.  The full curriculum of playgroups loops throughout the year. Families may enter the playgroup at the beginning of any six week period. Please check to make sure that your schedule and the playgroup schedule are a good fit.

Occasionally a playgroup may be led by a guest teacher addressing a special topic.  Catherine attends birth as a doula, so sometimes is not able to be present at the playgroup.  Guest playgroup teachers will be experts in supporting parents in their own practice.


Playgroup registration with advance payment is required.

Playgroup schedule: Six week series starting on these dates.   Please note that some series may have week off.  Check the calendar for dates that each playgroup meets.

Start dates for playgroup six week series

Future dates to be announced


A personalized, small group class will meet in my home at 2228 Seabury Avenue, Minneapolis 55406.

Special sessions for playgroup families

Periodically I will offer a free playgroup open to families who have attended the playgroup before. This playgroup will be video recorded for use in education materials. All families who attend the video playgroup will sign an image release form to participate. Families can arrange access to an unedited video of the session. This open playgroup will be listed on the calendar and announced in advance.


Essential wellness for mother and child

Body-mind integration from the beginning


 Movement support

  I enjoyed watching how naturally a child moves from one position to the next and how you can support their movement in way that continues to help them grow. All of the ways you demonstrated activities which would help Emmett feel more comfortable on his stomach were so helpful! Thanks! – Wendy