Profound challenges

Robust contender

Isabel’s mama and papa have never let a label of Down’s syndrome deter their daughter in taking on her own little world. Isabel has defied the odds on a series of predicted syndromes typical of Down’s.

With many integrative therapies, including herbs, Chinese medicine, massage, Native American healing, energy work, myofascial toning and active developmental play, Isabel is now a sturdy, vibrant first grader.


If your baby has arrived into your arms with profound challenges, my first wish and blessing is that a strong community of support gathers around you. May you and your baby be buoyed up with helpers, and may you have courage in strong hearts.

Every child has developmental resources with himself. We can awaken your baby’s own developmental drivers through simple activities and hands-on support. I can provide you with a day-to-day home program that helps you meet your child in complete acceptance and delight in who she is, and nudge development along. I may also recommend other integrative therapists to help your child with health issues.

Somatic therapies and education

I provide gentle, effective hands-on somatic therapies and guide your child in playful developmental movements. These are powerful supports for your baby in this very effective early intervention approach. With articles you can help your baby with body-mind integration from the beginning.

What to expect in a session for your baby



Essential wellness for mother and child

Body-mind integration from the beginning




You gave us hope

Levi’s story



Rebuilding from traumatic injury

After our daughter’s traumatic birth, which resulted in a brain injury, I was very concerned about both physical and emotional damages it caused to her.

While we were in NICU I happened across an article that Catherine wrote. It focused on birth trauma and ways that Catherine helps children process the trauma to ease the negative effects. I knew we wanted to see her. 

I was amazed to see the changes in my daughter as Catherine worked on her. She taught us and provided DVD’s of our sessions so we could bring the work home.

Receiving our child anew

One of the most amazing sessions for me was working specifically on my daughter’s trauma. It had been a vaginal birth but with the help of a vacuum. Since her birth, my daughter had been very fearful of things involving her head – washing hair, shirts going over the head, etc.  

Catherine moved her through the stages of birth and had my husband and me “receive her” as we should have been able to. After this session, we saw a big difference in our daughter’s ability to tolerate every day activities like the ones listed above.

When Catherine worked on our daughter’s palette, our daughter’s gag reflexes became less pronounced and further back in her mouth.

Trust in development

Our daughter’s prognosis was so grim after birth. The doctors didn’t think she would recognize us or be able to eat or possibly even breathe on her own. Fortunately they were wrong and Catherine gave us a positive outlook on our daughter’s development.

Our daughter is two and crawls with ease. She is very nearly walking. She understands speech and has a few words. She makes up games and is very social.

We believe that Catherine helped her to become the inquisitive and able little being she is today. Catherine was patient and understanding when working with our daughter.  She taught her how to move her body in the way she wants and how to gain balance. The care, understanding, and patience shown by Catherine made our daughter and us feel safe.

                     — Nupen family