Colic, sleep & temperament


Our baby transformed

To witness the transformation that has occurred since our first visit with Catherine is truly amazing.  Before taking our son, Miakoda, to craniosacral therapy he was not sleeping at night. In fact, after the first couple of weeks, he was screaming inconsolably. Miakoda seemed to be in great discomfort, and despite our best efforts we simply could not help him effectively.

On the night of our first session with Catherine, he slept soundly for the first time in weeks, waking only to nurse and return to sleep.   After our second session he has only continued to improve. He is a happy baby again!!  – Sam & Breah am wigeon

Inconsolable crying or screaming may be due to two primary causes. Colic can be caused by pain from various sources, such as structural misalignments, displaced bones, pinched nerves, strained muscles or pulled fascia in the craniosacral system. Colic may also be caused by digestive tract sensitivity as all babies are born with immature guts. If mom has health issues such as allergies, food reactions, candida or vaginal infections prior to pregnancy or during pregnancy, a baby may be affected in his own autoimmune and gut functions, leading to digestive problems, colic and sleep issues. Craniosacral therapy and infant massage can help your child. Health issues are complex and may require support from various sources. I team with holistic family practitioners who provide natural remedies for you and your child when needed.


Problems with falling asleep and difficulty staying asleep may be due to one of many causes. Babies naturally waken frequently.  Newborns waken every two hours to fee initially. As the your milk supply comes in and as baby’s stomach grows larger in the first weeks, he may sleep for five hours at a stretch.  Craniosacral therapy can help if baby is not able to settle into longer sleep cycles as he grows.


Babies who have colic, for whatever reason, often turn into young children who have a very high need disposition. Early intervention with craniosacral therapy and developmental movement therapy can support your child in steadily developing emotional balance and self-modulation of emotional states. Very passive babies may show delay in one or more developmental arenas. Some babies are passive physically and have delayed movement milestones. Others are passive socially, and don’t move along in social skills. Developmental movement therapy and myofascial tissue toning provides outstanding support if your child has these needs.

Somatic therapies and education

I provide gentle, effective hands-on somatic therapies and guide your child in playful developmental movements, which can also help children later who may have had a difficult start. With articles you can help your baby with body-mind integration from the beginning. What to expect in a session for your baby


 Essential wellness for mother and child  

Body-mind integration from the beginning


Sleep, baby, sleep

Nursing sessions were shorter and settled into a rhythm, so we all got more sleep after your home visit.   – Nicole 

Taking it home

feet Thank you for all that you have done to heal Nastasha and help our family.  So much more than a craniosacral therapist, you have also been an advisor and a friend.  It is so encouraging to see all the changes in Nastasha since we started working with you.  And more than anything, we are grateful for your education – it allows us to help our beautiful girl at home.   – Lisa

He’s so relaxed now!

Relaxed sleeper Abe noticeably improved again after today’s session! He was able to calm himself and just relax in his exersaucer while I was making dinner tonight- that never happens! Normally fussing escalates, but tonight he fussed for maybe 30 seconds and then popped his nuk in and just patiently watched me.
My husband came home and Abe smiled and waved at him and kept sitting contentedly. Tim’s exact words were, “Did he have a session today? He’s so relaxed! Maybe you should go more often!” Bedtime went much better too! Only about 30 minutes to get him to sleep and he’s still sleeping soundly a few hours later.

Next day update:  Abe was able to put himself back to sleep TWICE last night. He’s never done that even once before! He didn’t cry, just talked to himself for a minute and went back to sleep! … continued…

Now a happy toddler

Just wanted to share with you the results from Abe’s season yesterday! He was so happy all day, even with only a 40 min nap in the car on the way home. He didn’t ask for his nuk the rest of the day. He was the happiest guy, playing and laughing all day. He went to bed so easily at bedtime. He woke up only once for milk at 5am, then back to sleep until 9am! I actually got to sleep in my own bed for once!

Lil' farmer sm

Today he has been so happy, cooperative, and patient. Peaceful nap. We’re moving into his normally fussy time and he still is in just the best mood! Thank you so much for yet another great session!   🙂  We’re so thankful for all you’ve done to help us!  – Rachael

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