Getting comfortable in tummy time for developmental play

We came to see Catherine because our son Torgor was unhappy on his tummy and as a result not exploring with rolling over, crawling or getting into a sitting position from lying down. On our first visit Torgor would immediately roll to his back when placed on his tummy. Catherine worked with him and also taught us techniques so that we could work with him at home.

By our next visit Torgor was spending 15 minutes at a time on his tummy! Soon after our second visit Torgor began sitting up on his own, and crawling!

Catherine did a fantastic job listening to our specific concerns and responding to Torgor’s individual preferences. Her at-home instruction sheets were detailed and a great aide in helping us know what to do with him. Catherine is a trusted resource for our growing family!    – Alley

Are you concerned about your baby’s health or development? I offer gentle, powerful early intervention that provides your baby with the best start.

The best start

Well baby  services support development with simple holistic activities, helping your baby move naturally along in development.. Support in the first year and throughout early childhood with gentle, powerful intervention provides you and your baby with the best start.

From the very first day, you can help yourself and your baby beginning with breastfeeding support; and for any situations that arise. You can find help for difficulty breathing, colic or inconsolable crying, and digestive issues

If your baby has had a difficult start, during pregnancy, birth or newborn days, craniosacral therapy can relieve persistent problems and stabilize sleep rhythms.

Gentle touch in the first months quickly brings baby to find good alignment, affecting optimal development of structure, as well as movement and function of systems, keeping baby on track in moving forward in good health. 

Craniosacral therapy for best alignment will result in fewer eye, ear, nose and throat infections, sinus problems, orthodontic misalignment; and assure that baby is aligned in visual tracking towards future easy reading skills.

Uneven shapes of eyes, ears or head are clues of poor alignment of bones. If your baby has unusual or uneven movements of his head, legs and arms, these structural restrictions may impede maturation of movement, the spine and a baby’s growing brain. Your baby will quickly find good alignment with gentle adjustments in the first months.

If your baby has misalignments of the head he is at greater risk for frequent illness in the coming years. You can reduce your child’s risk of chronic ear infections, sinus problems and future orthodontic misalignment with craniosacral therapy. Look for same size eyes and even alignment to assure that your child will easily read long down the road.

Activate your child’s inner resources

I provide proactive support for healthy development and early intervention for complex developmental delay.

Simple, powerful activities tailored to your child activate natural healthy development, with early intervention in the event of developmental delays; help your child get on track for early milestones.Your engagement will prompt natural social, emotional, movement, cognitive and language progress. You can learn to help baby with bonding and attachment issues, especially important for adoptive families.

Somatic therapies and education

Guidance in gentle, effective, playful somatic therapies for developmental movement, and body-mind integration for your baby.

What to expect in a session for your baby



Essential wellness for mother and child

Body-mind integration from the beginning

Network for breastfeeding help

Liam’s difficulties with latch for breastfeeding were sorted out in just few sessions of craniosacral therapy. Now trained as a La Leche League leader, mama Sarah is extending the network of support for mothers and babies.

Surrounded by goddesses

Big yawn

In the first days my son’s latch had been so extremely tight that I had toe-curling pain and bruising. During craniosacral therapy our baby must have felt how he could open all his little bones and relax his jaw. After Catherine left every nursing gradually improved, until his latch was open and wide by the next afternoon.  

People have come forward with such kindness to open up a whole new world of support as my husband and I are becoming parents. Our home birth midwives, Emme & Clare have been so generous and connected us with such valuable helpers. Catherine turned breastfeeding around for us in one home visit. I am surrounded by goddesses.  – Stephanie

Sleepy man

Triplet tales: Easy vision for future reading

Early on we noticed that one of baby P’s eyes seemed smaller than the other. Catherine suggested that gently guiding the bones around the eyes to even alignment would make her vision easier for long term, future reading loads. Since cranial bones are the most mobile in the first years, we could now make a big difference for her down the road.

Baby P- even eyes

With a few sessions and our home program, we saw her eyes even out gradually. This seemed like it was all worked out. Then 2 weeks after we had seen Catherine, her left eye again looked smaller. When we talked about it, we realized Baby P had had a growth spurt. As Catherine described it, we had gently moved her bones into better alignment, but not perfect alignment. So when P had a growth spurt, the slight displacement became more apparent. With continued gentle craniosacral therapy we saw her eyes become even again. — Mama J

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