Movement & the Emerging Mind

I help women and young children foster development, physical ease and emotional balance with hands-on somatic therapy. Through movement, touch and mindfulness I aid you and your child in awakening your inner resources of integrated body and mind.

Gentle support for your child’s normal development

I help your newborn establish breastfeeding and recover from difficult birth with gentle craniosacral therapy. I give young children help with sleep cycles, chronic ear infections, teething and more. My early intervention and well-child services provide you with simple practices that support healthy development of your child’s emotional balance, attention asset and learning readiness. Your child’s love of movement, one of her first ways of learning, can be a source of joy and insight into mindfulness as you parent your ever-changing child.

Powerful, playful help when your child is challenged

Every child has her own capacities to develop. If your child experiences developmental delay, behavior issues or learning difficulties, her inner resource for neuro-development can be awakened through playful developmental movement therapy and gentle touch therapies. I enable your growing child to move towards her developmental milestones and find her way past the labels.

Awaken your inner flexibility and strength as a woman

I help you to relieve chronic pain and to find quietude and energy to meet the ever-changing demands of your life. I help women prepare for natural birth and adjust to mothering your new child. Any women facing a life transition can find grounding, fluidity and spaciousness to meet change, connecting with herself. I support you in fostering mindful awareness in fulfilling your authentic life.

Effective principles and practices for professionals

I create and deliver training of practical, powerful somatic applications. I offer workshops for childcare providers, early childhood family educators, primary school teachers, occupational therapists, doulas and midwives.

Somatic therapy integrates body and mind in natural ease

I provide craniosacral therapy, somatic developmental movement therapy, lactation counseling, infant developmental education, reflex integration, myofascial toning, mindfulness practices and other hands-on somatic approaches in body-mind integration.


Essential wellness for mother and child

Pain free breastfeeding

Mitchel had one session of craniosacral therapy to help him with his latch. We also learned some exercises to do at home. The therapy has helped us improve nursing which before was quite painful on the left side.             – Vanessa, midwife

Early arrivals

Our twins were born 7 weeks early. While healthy and growing at two months old, each had her feeding problems.

Twins with Dad at 1 month

Rachel was so frantic at breast that she couldn’t nurse. Her latch was poor, and she would go on and off, getting more and more frustrated. When Rachel finally did get on, she had a biting latch and was a very slow eater. With Rachel we had arrived at just pumping and bottling, as she was not breastfeeding at all.

I could tell that my milk production with the pump was slow. Plus, I was going back to work within a few weeks. I had previously breastfed with my three year old, so I knew how much easier it would be to just breastfeed when I was present with them.

No more biting

R one month old

After one session, Rachel was able to exclusively breastfed for two days. We had no more biting. It is so much easier to breastfeed at night and everyone gets more sleep. During the day, Rachel is much more awake and active now.

In our second session we focused on Lana, who was able to breastfeed but had digestive problems. She often was uncomfortable with gas and a hard tummy. Lana was fussy and while nursing she would gulp rapidly, taking in air.

L one month

By the first day after our session, Lana was not spitting up as much and not as fussy. We continue to help her relax into easy feeding. Since Rachael is now able to nurse, and our life is greatly simplified all around. –Megan

In the driver’s seat

Your child can take charge of his little world.

Connecting with baby

Connect in w baby